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Up in the air

I just read a piece about perception, compassion, thoughtfulness, and a broad understanding built, over time, through local experience.  It has some of the most piquant writing I’ve ever read.  Almost every sentence contains a reversal that’s beautifully constructed and effective at engaging both heart and mind. Because of the writing, I’m posting the link here.

NY Times Op Ed by Anand Giriharadas — Letter from India: Once-Clear Thoughts Are Clouded


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Why they did what they did

There they were, all in a row, crowding the wires strung high over the street, balanced over tight-gripping claws, looking something like small crows.  They were sparrows.

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Spelling your name, 3 drafts

Last night I fell asleep under only a sheet.  There was a chill rain all night, and my windows were open.  Later I woke from the cold.  My right hand was tracing the name of the man I love in the sheets, which was surprising and memorable.

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Collecting bowls and such

While meditating the other day, these visions flowed in:
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Callery pears

Callery pears,
their white lace and cream
like Watteau;
the etchiness of oaks
in bud,
scribbled high.
Reach for the sky,
the sap’s up!
As sweet and raw as a wood fire
am I,
and sad as the sea.
What to do?

© 21 Apr 2009, Heather Quinn, all rights reserved

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Frederick Seidel, poetry, love

On the weekend, I read an article in the NYTimes about Frederick Seidel, whom I’d never heard of.  He reads six of his own poems in a multimedia piece attached to the article. His six readings, which last less than a quarter of an hour, taught me more about what I do wrong when writing than anything I’ve ever come across.

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