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How to cry and smile at the same time

Instructions here:

War Dances, a short story by Sherman Alexie (published in this week’s New Yorker).


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Time and the writer

Compare Elizabeth Rubin’s new NY Times article about Hamid Karzai, Afghanistan’s President, Karzai in His Labyrinth, with her 2006 article on the Taliban resurgence in Afghanistan and Pakistan, In the Land of the Taliban.

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Up in the air

I just read a piece about perception, compassion, thoughtfulness, and a broad understanding built, over time, through local experience.  It has some of the most piquant writing I’ve ever read.  Almost every sentence contains a reversal that’s beautifully constructed and effective at engaging both heart and mind. Because of the writing, I’m posting the link here.

NY Times Op Ed by Anand Giriharadas — Letter from India: Once-Clear Thoughts Are Clouded

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