quiet lightning

quiet lightning
a distant storm
the city noise drowns out
what thunder there is
all i hear is the train
yards away
thundering by
and flashes so bright
even the city lights
can’t blind them out
this street reminds me of Philly
he said
red bricks
and a cheesy mural
painted on the big garage door
of the piano warehouse
where we rehearse
his one man show
captivating and inspired
but out the window
and the corner of my eye
quite lightning
the rumble of the city
a storm passes by



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4 responses to “quiet lightning

  1. lovely, esp. how the opening / closing are almost the end of a cycle — they almost meet, but don’t.

  2. derek

    Thanks Heath, your right on.
    This is my life……I never quite meet what I am looking for. My muses are elusive and mischievous. They are like the lightning, powerful yet silent, distant but so powerfully visual. If I could just hold the storm in my hand.

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