magic fills my air

my body is tired
worn out from pushing
my boat was cast too far inland
and dragging was out of the question

i rode a wave
ten thousand feet tall
no match for the mountain
whose pink walls rise from my imagined eyes

my time at sea is over
i return to my journey inside human kindness
a flood of people into my world
i snap and sketch
and pinch myself
can this be real
only dreams a moment ago

magic fills my air




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7 responses to “magic fills my air

  1. Dear Derek

    I was stymied by pink walls rising from imagined eyes, at first.

    love, h

  2. derek

    This goes back to Bonnie.
    I was telling her about the how the first rays of light in the morning make the pink granite of the mountains here glow this laser pink color.

    There’s a lot of old references in this. I finished the two ship pieces I was working on and now I’m bringing models in and will be doing some figurative work on glass. I will be snapping pictures and sketching these models and they are kind enough to sit for free.


  3. derek

    Oh and the imagined eyes…………it’s all just an illusion anyway.


  4. Kate...

    no illusion when you look into amother’s eyes. … only the stories we tell after the seeing

    Lots of love from the MIA –
    – Kate

  5. Kate...

    that was to be said as ..
    ‘another’s eyes’

  6. derek

    i slip into
    your illusion
    when i look into your eyes
    from dark lonely places
    to heavenly spaces
    your dreams come alive
    they shake me to my soul
    your dreamy world
    my sleepy eyes

    Hi Kate


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