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Collecting bowls and such

While meditating the other day, these visions flowed in:
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magic fills my air

my body is tired
worn out from pushing
my boat was cast too far inland
and dragging was out of the question

i rode a wave
ten thousand feet tall
no match for the mountain
whose pink walls rise from my imagined eyes

my time at sea is over
i return to my journey inside human kindness
a flood of people into my world
i snap and sketch
and pinch myself
can this be real
only dreams a moment ago

magic fills my air



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Callery pears

Callery pears,
their white lace and cream
like Watteau;
the etchiness of oaks
in bud,
scribbled high.
Reach for the sky,
the sap’s up!
As sweet and raw as a wood fire
am I,
and sad as the sea.
What to do?

© 21 Apr 2009, Heather Quinn, all rights reserved

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Frederick Seidel, poetry, love

On the weekend, I read an article in the NYTimes about Frederick Seidel, whom I’d never heard of.  He reads six of his own poems in a multimedia piece attached to the article. His six readings, which last less than a quarter of an hour, taught me more about what I do wrong when writing than anything I’ve ever come across.

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I am a desert.

Mirages sprout
on my horizons
big enough to
walk around in.

Then recede,
untouchable as tomorrow.

the lost wisdom
of a dozen races
lies hidden beneath
my drifts.

to be jiggled by
some archaeologist’s


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Touch of the Vapours

I am an icicle
mirror worlds
to splat
upon your window sill
and run away.

the sun has set
a warmth in your eyes
a radiating fire-glow
easing through the pane
to join the melt
of frozen fragile art

when summer comes
I shimmy
on a hot terrain



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Back on the chopping block

When I start a blog, I have a sense of a theme and try to write the blog conversationally.

As I struggle to express my thoughts, I walk around my points and use too many words.  Derek underscored the latter failing in his comment about one of my blogs, “…There’s barely any room to breath. The piece is so dense with information that I feel a need to pause, take a breath, and continue.”   And segments of the blog often develop out of sequence.

When I edit the blog, I try to correct the sequence errors and cut the words, but, usually, I don’t cut enough and I overlook some logical problems.

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